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Rubber Injection Moulding Machines

Ideal for moulding precision parts with accurate process control and high productivity.

VE Series: Four Post Screw Injection Presses
VE series are state-of-the-art, Vertical, Hydraulic, PLC Controlled Rubber Screw Injection Moulding Machines (25 & 50 tons) with 4 post type clamp and reciprocating screw designed to maximize the accuracy of the shot size. The injection unit on these machines is designed for shot size accuracy of /- .3 gms.

VEC Series: ‘C’ Frame Screw Injection Presses
VEC series are 25 & 50 ton screw injection moulding machines designed with a 'C' frame type clamp for unobstructed loading of inserts or extrusions and ease of removing moulded parts. The C frame injection press is fitted with exclusive deflection protection which assures perfect partingline parallelism. The open side clamp allows work pieces to extend to right and left of machine for corner moulding of weather strippings/profiles, gaskets, insert moulded objects & other hard to handle inserts. They are also used for precision moulding of encapsulated electronics, medical products, insert moulded plugs & connectors and many other applications.

25 ton, C frame, screw injection moulding machine with 123cc injection volume

Standard Features on VE & VEC series Injection Presses:
Direct Acting Clamp Force: 25 & 50 ton
Maximum Injection pressure: 20,000 psi.
Platen Size: 16” x16”, 18" x 18" & 12” x 16”(C frame)
Nitrided feed screw with general purpose tip
Programmable Logic controller (PLC) & MMI
Full Closure Dual Palm Button
Adjustable Injection speed & pressure
Screw Decompression (suck back)
Integral Hydraulic System features pump & electric motor matched to requirement providing control of clamp & Injection functions for maximum productivity. Manifold based hydraulics reduces the piping & leakage potential. The hydraulic components of plastic injection moulding machines are easily accessible for quick maintenance.
The advance hydraulics on the machine provides for mould safety circuit to protect expensive tooling from damage.
Water Cooled Heat Exchanger.

Optional Features:
Touch Screen based controls
Digital display & electronic control of clamp force, speed & heat
Digital PID temperature controllers
Safety Guards and access doors
Thermic Fluid heated Platens
Bottom Hydraulic Corelifters.

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